half off blizzard treat

Overhead image of smarties blizzard and DQ red spoon


Only Until August 28th, on the DQ® App

Get an any-size BLIZZARD® Treat for 1/2 off regular price only on the DQ® App!


Hurry! This offer is only available in the DQ® App until August 28th, 2023.





To make the most of this exciting offer, follow our tried-and-true tips for the ultimate celebration:


  1. Download the DQ® App and sign up for DQ® Rewards – this also ensures you have access to the latest DQ® deals! (Deals may take up to 24-hours to appear)
  2. Keep your eyes peeled for your 1/2 Off BLIZZARD® Treat in-app deal.
  3. Tell your friends! Each fan must have their own DQ® Rewards account to use this one-time deal (and you don’t want to share).
  4. Start thinking about which flavor BLIZZARD® Treat you’re getting – maybe one of the soon-to-be-gone flavours from the 2023 Summer Blizzard® Menu?
  5. DIG IN! Enjoy every red spoonful of your 1/2 Off any-size BLIZZARD® Treat – a 40-year DQ® icon.




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