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DQ® Snowman Cake

A friendly face to welcome winter.

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DQ Snowman Cake

Welcome Winter with a Delicious DQ® Snowman Cake

Around the world, the snowman greets cold-weather dwellers each winter after the first significant snowfall, signaling the chilly temps are here to stay for a while. His cheerful smile and carrot nose are almost as iconic as our cakes — but not nearly as tasty. If you’re looking for a delicious way to welcome winter, swing by your local DQ®restaurant for a Snowman Cake.

Wielding piping bags full of irresistible icing, our pros turn a classic DQ cake into a beaming snowman. Beneath that icing, you’ll find a chocolatey soft serve base topped with our fantastic fudge and crunch center and a thick layer of creamy vanilla soft serve.

Like outdoor snowmen made of, well, snow, this cake isn’t going to hang around for long. So invite your friends and family over — this cake is meant to be enjoyed by all.