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The DQ® Summer Blizzard® Treat Menu

Summer Blizzard Menu

Summer Like You've Never Summered Before


Summer is the season of creating fun, unforgettable memories and enjoying mouthwateringly sweet treats. Whether your summer sounds like cracks of the baseball bat or the splashing of water at the pool, celebrate moments big and small with the DQ® All-Star Summer Blizzard® Treat Lineup.   




Every season brings fresh faces and exciting new play to the game. The DQ® All-Star Summer Blizzard® Treat lineup is no different! With a yummy surprise in each bite, this blissful blend of OREO® cookie pieces, gummy worms, and fudge crumble blended with our world-famous soft serve is sure to be a rookie of the year!

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Full of fun and personality, fan favorites know how to play to stadium crowds. The Cotton Candy Blizzard® Treat always delivers here, blending your favorite amusement park and ballpark treat with cotton candy sprinkles and world-famous DQ® soft serve to create the ultimate Blizzard® Treat flavor rush.

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Spending all day at the pool making the grandest of family memories and working on your tan is a win-win. Enjoying the new Caramel Fudge Cheesecake Blizzard® Treat with cheesecake pieces, fudge-covered salty caramel pieces, and DQ® soft serve is a win-win-win-win.

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The triple threat of choco-covered Drumstick® pieces, peanuts, and DQ soft serve  hits it out of the park every time. The Drumstick® with Peanuts Blizzard® Treat is becoming a summertime favorite, scoring memory-making fun for an All-Star summer! 

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The Very Cherry Chip Blizzard® Treat is the cherry on top (and middle and bottom) of the perfect summer day. Combining delicious cherry and decadent choco-chunks with our signature soft serve, this Blizzard® Treat can make the sweetest days even sweeter.

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