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Reward Points

  • How do you earn points?

    You can earn points at participating mobile ordering and rewards locations by:

    • Scanning the barcode at the store on the points screen of your app.
    • Redeeming a deal at the register during an in-store purchase.
    • Placing a mobile order in the app, while logged into your account. Points will be automatically earned for mobile orders for guests who are logged in. Check the location details by tapping the "i" icon to learn if the location you're visiting supports the reward and order ahead features.
  • How do I use my points?

    Now at select locations, you can use your points for rewards or save them to redeem a higher value reward. From the "Points" tab you will see your total point balance and the number of points required to earn your next reward.


    • 250 Points: Free Any Size Regular or Dipped Cone
    • 500 Points: Free Any Size Blizzard® Treat, 4-piece Chicken Strip Basket or Any GrillBurger™ Combo

    To redeem your reward, simply select "Use Points For Rewards" from the 'Points' screen, then select your preferred reward. From there, your account will be loaded with the selected reward, and you can scan the barcode at the register to redeem it at participating locations. You can also use a reward on a mobile order, at participating locations. Select the reward and tap "Start Order." During check out, select the reward from the "My Deals" section and apply to your order.

  • My points aren't showing up!

    You should see your points soon after your purchase but in some cases you may need to reload your screen first. Point updates could take up to 24 hours. If you still aren't seeing your points, contact us via the ‘Help’ tab and we'll help figure out the issue.

  • Do points expire? How long do points last?

    Points are valid for 365 days after the day they are earned. For example, if 20 points are earned on January 5, those 20 points will expire on January 4 of the following year and be removed from your account at that time. The reward points earned after that date will not be affected. You will receive a push notification to alert you that the points are going to expire. We will apply the oldest stars to your reward redemption first.


  • How do I place a mobile app order?

    You can use the app to place a mobile order at a participating mobile order location. First, tap the "Order" tab and you will be guided through the ordering screen to selecting your order preferences such as pickup type and restaurant location. In order to have the best ordering experience, turn on location services so we can find the location nearest to you that supports mobile ordering.

    Browse the menu by selecting a category and viewing your desired menu item, where you can make further product customizations and then add to your order.

    Once you place your order, you will need to let us know when you arrive at the location. Find your pending orders on the main "Order" tab and select to "Start Making My Order."

  • What locations participate in mobile app ordering?

    Mobile app ordering and earning reward points is available at participating locations only. Go to the "Find" section and search locations with the "Mobile Ordering & Rewards" filter to see which locations are currently participating. You can sign up to be notified when your favorite location supports Mobile Ordering & Rewards by finding your location and setting it as your favorite.

  • How do I pickup my mobile app order?

    You can choose to pick up your order in restaurant, curbside or in the drive-thru depending on what each location supports. You can select your pickup method when placing your order, and you can change it when you select to "Start Making My Order."

  • How do I cancel my mobile app order?

    Please call the Dairy Queen® location where the order was placed to cancel a mobile app order.

  • How do I save a favorite order?

    You can save an order as a favorite as you are checking out. Simply select the heart icon in the upper right-hand corner of the checkout screen.

  • Something went wrong with my order.

    We appreciate your feedback. Please contact us directly if you had any issues with your order through the app here.


  • How do I reset my password?

    When trying to log in, select "Forgot Password" on the login screen, enter the email address associated with your account and then select "Reset Password." An email with instructions of how to reset your password will be sent to the email you used to register your account.

  • How do I cancel my account?

    To cancel your account, please contact us.

  • I'm not getting push notifications or emails.

    To change your notification settings, tap on the top left icon with three horizontal lines in the app and select "Profile & Settings." From here you can follow the instructions to configure notifications.


  • Who can use mobile deals?

    Anyone who is logged into an account while using the DQ® mobile app can access and use mobile deals at participating locations. Users may redeem 1 mobile deal per transaction.

  • Where can I use mobile deals?

    Mobile deals can be used at all participating U.S. DQ® locations, except for locations in Texas.

  • What is the difference between a mobile deal and a mobile reward?

    Mobile deals are provided to all users with accounts in the DQ® mobile app. Mobile rewards are earned by saving points collected through orders placed through the app (currently offered at limited U.S. locations). Mobile rewards may be redeemed based on the number of points earned through your account.

  • How do I know if a deal is still valid or if I've already used it?

    Only active, valid deals will appear in your mobile app. If you've already used a deal, it will automatically be removed from your app.

  • How many mobile deals can I use at once?

    Users may redeem 1 mobile deal per transaction.

  • How often are deals refreshed? When will I receive new deals?

    New deals are added on Monday of each week. If you have push notifications enabled, you'll receive an message when the deals have been updated.

  • How do I use a mobile deal for my mobile order?

    There are 2 ways to apply a mobile deal to your mobile order:

    • Visit the home dashboard of the app and view the 'Mobile Deals' section. Slide through the deal cards displayed and tap on the deal you'd like to use, then tap 'Start Order' and the deal will be applied to your order at checkout.
    • Begin your order by tapping the 'Order' tab in the lower navigation of the home screen and create your order. When you reach the checkout screen, your available deals will be listed below your order summary. Tap the deal you want to use and it will be applied to your order automatically.
  • How do I use a deal for my in-store order?

    To use a deal for an in-restaurant order, visit the home dashboard of the app and view the 'Mobile Deals' section. Slide through the deal cards displayed and tap on the deal you'd like to use, then tap 'Redeem'. Select the location where you want to use your deal, and tap 'Use Deal.' Then, a unique number or barcode will appear on the deal card, which should be presented to your cashier when you order.

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