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DQ Bakes! Snack Menu.  A snack menu with real snacks.

NEW! DQ Bakes Snacks Menu

The new DQ Bakes! Snacks Menu features oven-hot menu items for just $2 every day of the week. Get your snack on with the one-of-a-kind, queso-dipped, bacon-loaded, oven-melty snacks found at participating DQ locations.

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Apple vs Pumpkin.  A Blizzard Battle.

Fall Favorites

It's pie season, so DQ® is bringing you not one, but two classic pie recipes blended into these phenominal fall Blizzard® Treats. Try both and declare your favorite!

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September Blizzard Cake of the Month

A pie. In a cake. Made of soft serve. The Pumpkin Pie Blizzard® cake is a fall party trifecta!

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Hardest working Happy Hour.  Drinks that do double time!  Weekdays 2 - 5 pm.  At participating locations.

The DQ Hardest Working Happy Hour

The DQ® Hardest Working Happy Hour blends sweet drinks with a kick of energy together. Join us weekdays from 2-5pm!

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Tripleberry Cherry Premium Fruit Smoothie.  At participating locations.

The Freshest Addition to the Tripleberry Family

If three's a party, this drink is the most legendary party of all time. Introducting the NEW Tripleberry Cherry Premium Fruit Smoothie. Enjoy classic Tripleberry taste of raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry now with the addition of cherry!

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Served Upside Down or the next one's free.  At participating locations.  Limit one per person.  Only one Blizzard treat is flipped in the drive-thru and on multiple orders.  Must be claimed at the time of purchase.

Served Upside Down or the next one’s free

Get your Blizzard® treat served upside down or the next one's free.

For a limited time at participating locations. Redeemable on next visit.

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Tripleberry Smoothie, Mango Smoothie, Strwaberry Banana Julius® Original
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