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$4.99 4-piece Chicken Strip Basket. At participating locations Excludes Taxes. Find a DQ

$4.99 Chicken Strip Basket - Limited Time Only

I am the legendary DQ Chicken Strip Basket. And with 4 strips, fries, Texas toast and gravy for $4.99,  I’m not just yummy in your tummy, I’m yummy in your wallet. Is that a thing?

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Dipped Strawberry made with Ghirardelli® Blizzard of the Month

Its Back! Dipped Strawberry made with Ghirardelli® Blizzard of the Month chunks of Ghirardelli® chocolate and strawberry. At participating locations

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Its Back! Dipped Strawberry made with Ghirardelli® Cupid Cake. At participating locations.

Dipped Strawberry Ghirardelli® Cupid Cake

Its Back! Dipped Strawberry made with Ghirardelli® Order Now. At participating locations. Cupid Cake perfectly sized for two.

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New Mint Shake Find  A DQ At Participating Locations.

New! Mint Shake

Try the new Mint Shake only at DQ®. Delicious world famous DQ® vanilla soft serve blended with mint syrup and milk and garnished with whipped topping. We hand-blend our signature soft serve until it’s velvety think and delicious. Try one today!

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New Blizzard® Treat Menu. Find a DQ. At participating locations. OREO® Hot Cocoa New Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Dipped Strawberry made with Ghirardelli® New Reese's Outrageous

New Fall Blizzard® Treat Menu

I am the first ever Fall BLIZZARD Treat Menu. Feast your mouths on five of the latest flavors to hit your DQ. Try the New Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Blizzard® Treat or enjoy fan favorites like Dipped Strawberry made with GHIRARDELLI®, OREO® Hot Cocoa and REESE'S® Outrageous!

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Exclusive Weekly Deals!  Download the official DQ® Mobile App Learn More  at participating US Locations. Texas stores use the  DQ Texas App. Download on the Apple store. Get it on the Google Play store.

Download the official DQ® Mobile App

Exclusive Mobile Deals delivered right to your phone! Download the official DQ® App Now! At participating locations. Texas Locations are not participating in the national DQ® Mobile App.

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