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DQ® Rewards lets you earn DQ® Points on every order of your fave eats and treats.

Plus, receive exclusive deals, a special birthday surprise and more.


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DQ Fries 150 point reward



Earn DQ® Points on App,

online, and in-store orders

at participating locations.

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DQ Dipped cone 200 point reward



Redeem your DQ® Points for

delicious rewards! From

exciting eats to amazing

treats, there's something

for everyone.


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Looking for coupons?

With the DQ® App, unlock

exclusive benefits like Mobile

Monday deals, surprise offers

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DQ Burger, fries, coke, and chocolate sundae



From birthday offers to one-

click reordering, DQ® Rewards

has so much to offer.




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Get Your Eyes

on the Prizes!


Every order gets you DQ® Rewards Points that you can then redeem

for rewards. So which delicious reward do you have your eyes on?




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