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International Opportunities



At Dairy Queen®, we have regional support ready and willing to help make the DQ® concept a success in your markets. We have field support in the areas of:

•          Marketing
•          Operations
•          Supply Chain
•          Research & Development

We will help you set up an infrastructure to not only introduce the DQ® brand to a market but also to sustain the growth and make it the world's favorite quick Service restaurant.

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Individuals / companies with multi-unit operation capabilities

•          Financial resources
•          Entrepreneurial / business spirit
•          Organization already in place (internal structure)
•          A long term vision
•          Industry knowledge and contacts



Listed below are the international markets that DQ® currently has a presence in, which are not available to franchise. Other International Markets will be evaluated for opportunity.

•          Bahamas
•          Bahrain
•          Brunei
•          Cambodia
•          Cayman Islands
•          China
•          Costa Rica
•          Egypt
•          Guatemala
•          Indonesia
•          Mexico
•          Oman
•          Panama
•          Philippines
•          Qatar
•          Saudi Arabia
•          Thailand
•          Trinidad


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