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Blizzard Battle.  The ultimate throwdown showdown.  Wenatchee, WA - Apple Pie Blizzard Treat versus Caro, MI - Pumpkin Pie Blizzard Treat.

The DQ® Blizzard® Battle... It’s On!

For the first time ever, two Blizzard® Treats of the Month are going head-to-head for flavor dominance. Fans across the country are rallying behind their pick.

And nowhere is the battle more intense than in two hometowns, one famous for apples and the other for pumpkins. See how your vote could change the fate of their towns...forever.

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Fire up your appetite!  FlameThrower.

Fire up your appetite!

Enjoy the DQ® fiery FlameThrower® sauce on a signature FlameThrower® GrillBurger, FlameThrower® Crispy Chicken Sandwich, and FlameThrower® Crispy Chicken Wrap.

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Customize and order your DQ® Cakes and DQ® Blizzard® Cakes in-store or online at

Available at participating locations.

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Fall into a refreshing smoothie.  OrangeBerry Premium Fruit Smoothie

Fall into a Refreshing Smoothie

On Opposite Day we decided to see what it would be like to mix orange with its nemesis, strawberry. The result was surprisingly good. Then we added low fat yogurt, and it got crazy good.

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