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Original Chicken Strip Basket.  $4.99 4-piece.  For a limited time at participating locations.

$4.99 Chicken Strip Basket

Ditch the nuggets and go big with a real meal.

We’re talking tender, all white-meat chicken strips, marinated then seasoned five times, with Texas toast, fries and gravy.

All for just $4.99 at particpating locations.

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Red Velvet Cake Blizzard Treat.  Red velvet cake pieces with cream cheese frosting.  At participating locations.  DQ 75th anniversary.  75 years of fans.

Fall in love with the Red Velvet Blizzard® treat

February's Blizzard of the month is the Red Velvet Blizzard®. It's the perfect Blizzard® treat for the most romantic time of the year. How could you not fall head over heels for it?

For a limited time at participating locations.

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Complete the collection with the Red Velvet Spoon Case.  Visit to order.  $4.99 plus taxes and shipping.

Complete the Collection with the Red Velvet Spoon Case

Part of the Red Velvet Collection, this 8.5 inch Red Velvet Spoon Case is the perfect way to pop the question, "Will you eat this cake with me?"

$4.99 plus shipping and tax. Net proceeds will be donated to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Limited quanity. Only available online.

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Made with real fruit.  Berry Banana, Berry Delicious.  Strawberry Banana.

The Delcious Duo of Strawberry & Banana

Great taste never goes out of style. That's why Strawberry Banana is always a fan favorite. Get this classic flavor in our Premium Fruit Smoothie or Julius® Original blends. Delicious no matter how you get it - because this dynamic duo is a match made in flavor heaven.

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Make Birthdays Special.  At participating locations.

Make Birthdays Special

Customize and order your DQ® Cakes and DQ® Blizzard® Cakes in-store or online at

DQ® Cakes. What Regular Cakes Want for their Birthday.

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